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Our history

From 1978 to 2018

Michele Maffione, a young man from a small family factory, founded the, which has now become a model, a winning example, able to successfully face the challenges of modernity, because it has put to good use the teachings of it sown tradition.

The company operates in the footwear field and carries out the activity of hemming insoles with STROBEL technology and the thermoforming of the shoe upper with MATIC technology. It has an operating structure provided with specific equipment, it makes use of high technical and instrumental resources and employes a medium staff of 10 highly specialized units that allows it to obtain production results of superior standards at competitive costs. The main characteristic that distinguishes us is certainly the reliability and the correctness in carrying out our activity. The resultis a company that performs with seriousness and professionalism guaranteeing all its products and boasting collaborations with the most important brands in the world.