Michele Maffione was born in Barletta in 1971. Since he was very young he took part in family’s activity, especially in the assembly and processing of the upper.  He learned traditional techniques and has his first approach to business management, but he did not agree with the conventional rules of the southern Italy companies of the time; Mr. Maffione did not fully share that old schemes and strategies. With his revolutionary mentality, he decides to “take flight on his own”, distorting the logic of strategies and production processes. Fighting, in 1997 Mr. Maffione created Neclemi.it that is synchronous with NEW ITALIAN ECLECTIC FASHION, the territorial and national market responded positive to the innovative approach. Today Neclemi.it collaborate with companies of international circulation, who entrust it the realization of their successful products.

E-Mail: info@neclemi.it
Address: Viale dell’Industria, 80
76121 Barletta (BT) ITALIA
Tel: +39 0883 345 242
P.IVA: 07790870724